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Ducted evaporative cooling is the most cost effective way to cool your home. Fresh outdoor air is drawn across water-filled pads & distributed via ducting in the roof.


Evaporative cooling units are installed on the roof and connect to a series of outlets placed throughout the home. The entire home is refreshed with cool air every few minutes and by leaving the doors and windows open you increase the cooling effect!


Common brands that we use:


  •     Brivis Evaporative Cooling
  •     Braemar Evaporative Cooling
  •     Breezair Evaporative Cooling
  •     Actron Air air conditioning


If your home has existing gas ducted heating, you may be able to utilise your existing ductwork and upgrade with Add-on air conditioning.


You may opt to have a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system installed in your home.

Able Cooling installations
Able installations of Actron Air Conditioners
Able installations of Actron Air Conditioners
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