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Gas ducted heating distributes warm air throughout your home through outlets in the ceiling or floor and is the most common form of whole of home gas heating.


Gas ducted heating is highly efficient, cost effective and requires
little maintenance.


Common brands that we use:


  •     Brivis Gas Ducted Heating
  •     Braemar Gas Ducted Heating
  •     Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating


Currently Braemar is one of the world's most efficient gas ducted heater the super 7 star! Different brands and models differ in energy efficiency and using less gas to heat your home saves you money.


Gas ducted heating from Brivis, Braemar, Bonaire and many other brands give you the possibility of cooling and heating your home through the same outlets by using an add-on cooling fan coil.


Zone control may also be introduced to further reduce running costs and allowing you to decide which areas or rooms to heat or cool by switching different parts of your house on or off.

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